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Teeth Whitening

We associate white teeth with a youthful appearance and associate yellowing teeth with obvious signs of ageing.

Contact MHS Dentistry if you are considering teeth whitening and we would be happy to provide you with the right information to support your individual needs and expectations. Each case is different because some people have fillings, crowns or bridgework. Whitening gel will only change the colour of the enamel surfaces of your natural teeth. A pre-whitening scale and consultation can be done at the same visit if you would like an honest assessment of the best way to achieve whiter teeth.

Our Dental Hygienist holds a professional teeth whitening certificate and knows how to treat the teeth and gums for effective results.

Wedding Packages

MHS Dentistry understands that your wedding day should be exceptional. You want to look your best and feel pampered before your special day too. Talk to our friendly staff about our Sunday Hygiene and wedding packages.

So what can you expect from the teeth whitening process at MHSDentistry?

In-chair whitening process at MHSDentistry:

We use 40% Opalescence Hydrogen Peroxide Gel. The whitening appointment is scheduled for 1.5hrs. This time allows for the gel to be against the teeth for up to 1hr and preparation time of up to 30mins to isolate the teeth from saliva and to place a barrier over the gums for protection. The results are great for most people and their expectations are met. If the desired result is not quite reached at the first appointment an enhanced appointment may be scheduled. Isolation, time and consistency is an important factor with any whitening procedure.

Side effects – Mild temporary sensitivity. Certain desensitisers and toothpastes are extremely effective in treating the sensitivity.

  1. First visit: Pre -whitening scale/consultation(exam and two check up x-rays). 30mins-1hr appointment.
  2. Second visit: In-chair whitening procedure. 90min appointment.

The take-home “Opalescence Tooth Whitening System”

We use 10% carbamide peroxide, an effective and safe product with minimal side effects. The procedure requires at least 2 short visits:

  1. First visit: Impressions taken then trays are custom made for you.
  2. Second visit: Whitening trays are issued with instructions on how to use with 10% Carbamide Peroxide gel.

Common side effects – Slight temporary sensitivity might be experienced.

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