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After careful consultation with one of our dentists a referral to the Orthodontist is offered. The Orthodontist will see you for a consultation and usually take impressions, photos and to construct a treatment plan. Usually, both conventional braces and removable appliances are suggested to help correct malocclusion in both children and adults. Having crowded teeth and an incorrect bite can often lead to increased risks of tooth decay, fractured teeth, jaw joint problems and breathing disorders. It may also be of aesthetic concern in some cases.  ]

All our patients undergo an orthodontic assessment as part of our periodic oral examination and Hygiene visit(active maintenance). We want to understand your expectations so we can provide you with your desired smile. Our dentist will assess and listen to concerns in order to help the Orthodontist develop an accurate treatment plan. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact MHS Dentistry for a consultation today on 02 8021 5274 or 0421 342 296.

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