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First Visit for Children

Visiting the dentist from around 2yrs of age sets your child up to have good teeth for life. We ask all parents to supervise their child’s brushing until about the age of 8yrs or 9yrs of age. You might think that just because your child will eventually lose their first set of teeth there is no need to take too much care. The first set of teeth pave the way for the permanent set of teeth. Decay in the first set of teeth may affect the permanent teeth also. 

Primary teeth have an important role to play in helping form speech and articulation of words during children’s development. If teeth are sore the function of chewing may be affected. Healthy plaque free teeth help the child’s self-confidence and appearance.

At MHS Dentistry we help make visiting the dentist a fun and relaxed experience. The child realises the importance of good oral health which is reinforced at home and every visit. Problems that can be picked up early on in childhood can most times be treated easily and effectively reducing the need for more complex and costly treatment if left untreated.

Orthodontics for Children

At MHS Dentistry we look at children in a holistic way. We also make their appointments fun and friendly because we understand that bad experiences at an early age can be damaging longterm. It’s not just crooked teeth that we are concerned with. Other problems can be effectively treated by improving the arch position and the relationship of the teeth and function. Some common problems may be, breathing problems, short attention span, mouth breathing problems, articulating certain letters or words, not sleeping well at night and snoring.

At MHS Dentistry we will assess and advise you regarding all of these issues. Today, more often than not we can achieve better, more stable, and aesthetically pleasing results by simply expanding the arches of the jaws to avoid extractions before braces.

 Pit and Fissure Sealants

Pit and Fissure Sealants can help prevent tooth decay for children and adults.

Deep pits and grooves are found on the chewing surfaces of all back teeth. These are called ‘fissures’ and no matter how well you brush these teeth they are still a potential site for decay. The benefit of a fissure sealant is that it smoothes over deep pits and fissures with composite resin in order to prevent early decay. It creates a protective layer which stops the bacteria(germs) from getting into the tiny grooves. It is a simple and quick procedure that can be done at a hygiene visit.

At MHS Dentistry we thoroughly examine your child’s teeth, at the hygiene or examination visit. We will advise you if any teeth would benefit from pit and fissure sealants.

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